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Scottsburg Home owners and renters insurance
Your home is the center of your life and likely contains the bulk of your possessions. Having the right insurance is essential for your peace of mind and for your future financial stability. Insufficient insurance coverage can result in long-term financial hardship for a homeowner or a renter.

E&H Family insurance in an INDEPENDENT Insurance agency. We act as your consultant, finding the best combination of price, coverage, and service. Since we represent multiple insurers, we can do the research for you and offer you choices.


Some of the areas we look at for you, when providing home insurance quotes, are:

  1. The various components that you need coverage for, ie the main structure, any out buildings, decks or additional structures, contents, liability and loss of use
  2. Whether you have security devices or a fire suppression system that will help us obtain discounts for you
  3. If there are any high risk features on your property
  4. Military discounts, if they apply to your family
  5. Multi-line discounts, the discounts that some companies offer when you purchase two or more lines of coverage (such as car insurance and homeowner insurance).


E&H Family Insurance is the place to get homeowners and renters insurance in Indiana

In addition to Scottsburg, Indiana we also serve Austin, Lexington, surrounding cities, the entire Scott County and all of Indiana. The Empson and Hughbanks families are local and well established in Scott County Indiana. We are your neighbors and friends. We care about the community and about serving our customers in the way that we would want to be served.


Ready for the best coverage and the best prices? Call us now for a quote: 812-752-3999

Home Insurance
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